200 years ago Keats dined with Wordsworth

On Monday 5 January 1818 Keats wrote to his brothers:
“This day I promised to dine with Wordsworth, and the Weather is so bad that I am undecided for he lives at Mortimer Street. I had an invitation to meet him at Kingstons’s — but not liking that place I sent my excuse — What I am thinking of doing to day is to dine in Mortimer Street (Wordsth) and sup here in Feathersne Buildg as Mr Wells has invited me. On Saturday I called on Wordsworth before he went to Kingston’s and was surprised to find him with a stiff collar. I saw his Spouse and I think his Daughter.”

We know that he carried out his plan: on 10 January 1818 he wrote to his publisher John Taylor:
“I have seen Wordsworth frequently — dined with him last Monday.”

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