200 years ago Keats gave up his rooms in College Street

On Tuesday 19 October 1819 Keats left the rooms in College Street. He wrote to Fanny Brawne from the Dilkes’ rooms in Great Smith Street:

My sweet Fanny,
On awakening from my three days dream (“I cry to dream again”) I find one and another astonish’d at my idleness and thoughtlessness. I was miserable last night—the morning is always restorative. I must be busy, or try to be so. I have several things to speak to you of tomorrow morning. Mrs. Dilke I should think will tell you that I purpose living at Hampstead. I must impose chains on myself. I shall be able to do nothing. I should like to cast the die for Love or death. I have no Patience with any thing else—if you should ever intend to be cruel to me as you say in jest now but perhaps may sometimes be in earnest, be so now—and I will—my mind is in a tremble, I cannot tell what I am writing.
Ever my love yours
John Keats.

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