200 years ago Keats received another desperate letter from his brother George

On Monday 27 September 1819 Keats wrote to George in America:
“it is in consequence of Mrs Jennings threatening a Chancery suit that you have been kept from the receipt of monies and myself deprived of any help from Abbey — I am glad you say you keep up your spirits — I hope you make a true statement on that score — Still keep them up — for we are all young — I can only repeat here that you shall hear from me again immediately. Notwithstanding this bad intelligence I have experienced some pleasure in receiving so correctly two Letters from you, as it gives me if I may so say a distant idea of Proximity. This last improves upon my little niece — Kiss her for me. Do not fret yourself about the delay of money on account of any immediate opportunity being lost: for in a new country whoever has money must have an opportunity of employing it in many ways.”

[Mrs Jennings = long-lost aunt of John, George and Fanny Keats who was threatening to sue them for a share of Tom Keats’s estate]
[Abbey = Richard Abbey, the Keats’s Guardian]

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