200 years ago Keats started packing up to leave Wentworth Place for the summer

On Wednesday 26 May 1819, Keats started to pack his belongings, as Brown would be letting his part of Wentworth Place for the summer (as the always did). Keats wrote to his sister about his (short-lived) plans to work as a ship’s doctor.

“My dear Fanny,
I have been looking for a fine day to pass at Walthamstow… You would have heard from me before this but that I was in continual expectation of a fine Morning—I want also to speak to you concerning myself. Mind you I do not purpose to quit England, as George has done; but I am afraid I shall be forced to take a voyage or two. However we will not think of that for some Months. Should it be a fine morning tomorrow you will see me.
Your affectionate Brother

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