200 years ago Keats visited his publishers

On Sunday 18 April 1819 Keats ‘stopt at Taylor’s on Sunday with Woodhouse—and passed a quiet sort of pleasant day.’
This is probably when Keats wrote ‘The House of Mourning written by Mr Scott’.
Robert Gittings makes a convincing case for this sonnet being a joint effort with Richard Woodhouse (whose pet hates as publisher’s reader include those listed in lines 1-7). Keats, meanwhile, is tormented by the challenges described in lines 8-14 (shown in italics).

The House of Mourning written by Mr. Scott,
A sermon at the Magdalen, a tear
Dropped on a greasy novel, want of cheer
After a walk uphill to a friend’s cot,
Tea with a maiden lady, a cursed lot
Of worthy poems with the author near,
A patron lord, a drunknness from beer,
Haydon’s great picture, a cold coffee pot
At midnight when the muse is ripe for labour,
The voice of Mr. Coleridge, a French bonnet
Before you in the pit, a pipe and tabour,
A damned inseparable flute and neighbour—
All these are vile. But viler Wordsworth’s sonnet
On Dover. Dover!—who could write upon it?

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