200 years ago Keats was desperate for cash

On Wednesday 1 September 1819 Keats was down to his “last few shillings” so wrote to his publisher John Taylor:
“My dear Taylor
“Brown and I have been employed for these 3 weeks past from time to time in writing to our different friends—a dead silence is our only answer—we wait morning after morning…
We have been much in want of news from the Theatres having heard that Kean is going to America— but no—not a word. Why I should come on you with all these complaints, I cannot explain to myself, especially as I suspect you must be in the country. Do answer me soon for I really must know something. I must steer myself by the rudder of Information.”

He went on to ask for a month’s cash, with the promise that he would put more effort into chasing up friends to whom he had lent money.

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