200 years ago Keats was desperate for money

On Thursday 17 June 1819 Keats wrote to Benjamin Robert Haydon asking him to repay money he’d lent him earlier in the year, and explaining more about the lawsuit  which his aunt Margaret Jennings was threatening:

My dear Haydon,
I know you will not be prepared for this, because your Pocket must needs be very low having been at ebb tide so long: but what can I do? mine is lower. I was the day before yesterday much in want of Money: but some news I had yesterday has driven me into necessity. I went to Abbey’s for some Cash, and he put into my hand a letter from my Aunt’s Solicitor containing the pleasant information that she was about to file a Bill in Chancery against us. Now in case of a defeat Abbey will be very undeservedly in the wrong box; so I could not ask him for any more money, nor can I till the affair is decided; and if it goes against him I must in conscience make over to him what little he may have remaining… Brown has lent me some money for the present. Do borrow or beg some how what you can for me…
Yours ever sincerely, John Keats

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