200 years ago Keats wrote to the painter Joseph Severn

On Wednesday 10 November 1819 Keats wrote to Severn about his painting ‘The Cave of Despair’

Dear Severn…
I am glad to hear you have finish’d the Picture and am more anxious to see it than I have time to spare: for I have been so very lax, unemployed, unmeridian’d, and objectless these two months that I even grudge indulging (and that is no great indulgence considering the Lecture is not over till 9 and the lecture room seven miles from Wentworth Place) myself by going to Hazlitt’s Lecture. If you have hours to the amount of a brace of dozens to throw away you may sleep nine of them here in your little Crib and chat the rest. When your Picture is up and in a good light I shall make a point of meeting you at the Academy if you will let me know when. If you should be at the Lecture to-morrow evening I shall see you—and congratulate you heartily…
Your sincere friend
John Keats

[One year later Severn would be the friend who cared for Keats during his last months in Rome.]

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