200 years ago: Keats’s progress report

On Sunday 11 July 1819 Keats updated fellow-poet John Hamilton Reynolds on the first Act of the tragedy ‘Otho the Great’, as well as the narrative poem ‘Lamia’:
“You will be glad to hear, under my own hand … how diligent I have been, and am being. I have finished the Act, and in the interval of beginning the 2d have proceeded pretty well with Lamia, finishing the 1st part which consists of about 400 lines. I have great hopes of success, because I make use of my Judgment more deliberately than I have yet done; but in case of failure with the world, I shall find my content. And here (as I know you have my good at heart as much as a Brother), I can only repeat to you what I have said to George — that however I should like to enjoy what the competencies of life procure, I am in no wise dashed at a different prospect. I have spent too many thoughtful days and moralised through too many nights for that, and fruitless would they be indeed, if they did not by degrees make me look upon the affairs of the world with a healthy deliberation.”

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