200 years ago the Brawne family moved in to live next door to Keats

On Sunday 4 April 1819, Mrs Brawne moved in to half of Wentworth Place with her children Margaret, Samuel … and Fanny. They would live in the right-hand side of the house, sharing the garden with Keats and Charles Brown.

The previous night, Keats had been at a claret feast held to say farewell to Mr and Mrs Charles Wentworth Dilke, who were moving to Westminster to be near their son Charley’s new school. Keats later described the party to his brother George:

“We had a claret feast some little while ago. There were Dilke, Reynolds, Skinner, Mancur, John Brown, Martin, Brown and I. We all got a little tipsy—but pleasantly so—I enjoy Claret to a degree.”

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