200 years ago Keats painted a rosy picture of his health

On April 12 1820 Keats wrote to his sister:
My dear Fanny — Excuse these shabby scraps of paper I send you — and also from endeavouring to give you any consolation just at present, for though my health is tolerably well I am too nervous to enter into any discussion in which my heart is concerned. Wait patiently and take care of your health, being especially careful to keep yourself from low spirits which are great enemies to health. You are young and have only need of a little patience. I am not yet able to bear the fatigue of coming to Walthamstow, though I have been to Town once or twice. I have thought of taking a change of air. You shall hear from me immediately on my moving anywhere. I will ask Mrs. Dilke to pay you a visit if the weather holds fine, the first time I see her. The Dog is being attended to like a Prince.
Your affectionate Brother

[The Dog was Fanny Keats’s spaniel — presumably Mr and Mrs Abbey had not allowed her to keep it at their house.]

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