200 years ago Keats wrote about his sister’s Spaniel

On Saturday 1 April 1820 Keats wrote to his sister:
My dear Fanny — I am getting better every day and should think myself quite well were I not reminded every now and then by faintness and a tightness in the Chest. Send your Spaniel over to Hampstead, for I think I know where to find a Master or Mistress for him. You may depend upon it if you were even to turn it loose in the common road it would soon find an owner. If I keep improving as I have done I shall be able to come over to you in the course of a few weeks. I should take the advantage of your being in Town but I cannot bear the City though I have already ventured as far as the west end for the purpose of seeing Mr. Haydon’s Picture, which is just finished and has made its appearance. I have not heard from George yet since he left Liverpool. Mr. Brown wrote to him as from me the other day — Mr. B. wrote two Letters to Mr. Abbey concerning me — Mr. A. took no notice and of course Mr. B. must give up such a correspondence when as the man said all the Letters are on one side. I write with greater ease than I had thought, therefore you shall soon hear from me again.
Your affectionate Brother
John ——.

[The Spaniel may have been adopted by Keats’s next-door-neighbour Fanny Brawne.]
[Haydon’s painting appears in the post for 25 March.]
[Mr B. — Charles Armitage Brown, with whom Keats was lodging at Wentworth Place.]
[Mr A. — Richard Abbey — was Fanny Keats’s Guardian. He controlled the money which the Keatses were due to inherit. After Keats’s death, Fanny had to sue Abbey to get her share of the estate.]

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