200 years ago Keats wrote to his sister

On Friday 23 June 1820 Keats wrote to Fanny Keats:

Friday Morn —
My dear Fanny,
I had intended to delay seeing you till a Book which I am now publishing was out, expecting that to be the end of this week when I would have brought it to Walthamstow: on receiving your Letter of course I set myself to come to town, but was not able, for just as I was setting out yesterday morning a slight spitting of blood came on which returned rather more copiously at night. I have slept well and they tell me there is nothing material to fear. I will send my Book soon with a Letter which I have had from George who is with his family quite well.
Your affectionate Brother
John ——.

[Another letter where Keats spares his sister from worrying about his health. His ‘slight spitting of blood’ was a haemorrhage so serious that, on the day that he wrote it, he had to leave his lodgings in Weslyan Place and move in with Leigh Hunt.
It didn’t get mailed until 26 June.]

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