Keats warns Fanny Brawne about Charles Brown’s jealousy

On or around Tuesday 29 February 1820 Keats wrote to Fanny Brawne about visiting when his landlord Charles Brown was at home:

My dear Fanny,

I think you had better not make any long stay with me when Mr Brown is at home. Whenever he goes out you may bring your work. You will have a pleasant walk to day. I shall see you pass. I shall follow you with my eyes over the Heath. Will you come towards evening instead of before dinner – when you are gone, ’t is past – if you do not come till the evening I have something to look forward to all day. Come round to my window for a moment when you have read this. Thank your Mother, for the preserves, for me. The raspberry will be too sweet not having any acid; therefore as you are so good a girl I shall make you a present of it. Good bye

My sweet Love!
J. Keats

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