200 years ago, Keats arrived in Southampton, and caught a ferry to the Isle of Wight

On Tuesday 15 April 1817, Keats arrived in Southampton, wrote a letter to his brothers, then caught the afternoon ferry to the Isle of Wight.

“Tuesday Morn—
“My dear Brothers,
“I am safe at Southampton — after having ridden three stages outside and the rest in for it began to be very cold. I did not know the Names of any of the Towns I passed through all I can tell you is that sometimes I saw dusty Hedges sometimes Ponds — then nothing — then a little Wood with trees… Cow ruminating — ditto Donkey — Man and Woman going gingerly along — William seeing his Sisters over the Heath — John waiting with a Lanthen for his Mistress — Barbers Pole — Docter’s Shop — However after having had my fill of these I popped my Head out just as it began to Dawn — NB. this tuesday Morn saw the Sun rise — of which I shall say nothing at present — I felt rather lonely this Morning at breakfast so I went and unbox’d a Shakspeare — “Here’s my Comfort” — I went immediately after Breakfast to the Southampton Water where I enquired for the Boat to the Isle of Wight as I intend seeing that place before I settle — it will go at 3 so shall I after having taken a Chop…
“I don’t feel inclined to write any more at present for I feel rather muzzy.”

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