200 years ago Keats received the idea for ‘The Eve of St Agnes’

Around Sunday 17 January 1819 John Keats visited Mrs Isabella Jones, an enigmatic lady he had met near Hastings in 1817 (he wrote to his brother George “I had warmed with her and kissed her”).
On this day she told him about the legend of St Agnes Eve which inspired him to start writing his much-loved poem in Chichester three days later.

There will be a reading of the poem in Chichester on Saturday 19 January 2019, when the University of Chichester are holding an evening which includes:
5:15pm — a talk by Professor Fiona Price (of Chichester University) ‘Keats in Chichester’
5:25pm — a talk by Professor Nick Roe (St Andrews University) ‘John Keats and “The Eve of St. Agnes”’
6:30pm — ‘Keats in Chichester and the Eve of St. Agnes: A dramatic reading’ with a cast of seven readers.
Venue: St Pancras Church, 101 St Pancras, Chichester, PO19 7LJ
Admission free

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