200 years ago Keats referred to Fanny Brawne as Millamant

On Sunday 24 January 1819, Keats and Brown (staying with Dilke’s sister and brother-in-law in Bedhampton) wrote a joint letter to Charles Wentworth Dilke in Hampstead, full of dreadful puns. Keats’s contribution ends: ‘Remember me to Wentworth Place and Elm Cottage—not forgetting Millamant’.

[Elm Cottage was where Fanny Brawne (‘Millamant’ in this letter) lived.
In Congreve’s play ‘The Way of the World’ Millamant is described:
“I like her with all her faults; nay, like her for her faults. Her follies are so natural, or so artful, that they become her, and those affectations which in another woman would be odious serve but to make her more agreeable.” (Act I Scene 3)]

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