200 years ago Keats writes about exploring the river at Oxford

On Sunday 21 September 1817 Keats writes to John Hamilton Reynolds

Oxford Sunday Morn
My dear Reynolds…

For these last five or six days, we have had regularly a Boat on the Isis, and explored all the streams about, which are more in number than your eye-lashes. We sometimes skim into a Bed of rushes, and there become naturalized river-folks,— there is one particularly nice nest, which we have christened “Reynolds’s Cove,” in which we have read Wordsworth, and talked as may be…

Send us a few of your Stanzas to read in “Reynolds’s cove.” Give my Love and respects to your Mother and remember me kindly to all at home.
Yours faithfully
John Keats

John Keats: Parts of a letter to John Hamilton Reynolds, probably written 21 September 1817, while Keats was staying at Magdalen Hall with Benjamin Bailey.  [HBF iv, 31-34]

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